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Our flagship product (revised and updated for 2017), "You Can Make Your Living Online"  is  what every new and veteran marketer needs.  This is "inner circle" class information that will genuinely add value to your subscribers' lives and businesses (see some of our testimonials below).  Your subscribers will thank you, you will gain authority by promoting it, and most of all you'll make money, so your bank account will thank you too.  And, for the record, this is not some flash in the pan launch that we're going to hype up and run for two just two weeks until we're off to the next big thing.  This is an evergreen product that's going to be around for the long haul!

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You CAN Make Your Living Online


Dear JV Partner,

This is Patrick Taylor and I would like to thank you for your consideration in promoting our flagship product "You CAN Make Your Living Online."

I don't know if you have noticed but, front end product commissions are getting smaller and smaller, and just when you get the product into your drip e-mail campaigns, or review blog and start to get some marketing traction POOF! the product is gone forever.  The product creators are on to the next big thing.

Consumers get jaded and frustrated because the front end product doesn't live up to its hype.  It doesn't do what the sales copy said it would do...at least not without buying two or three upsells which can lead to returns and hurt your reputation in the eyes of your list.

Or the product may be viable, but way too complex.

Or perhaps the method worked eight years ago, but is antiquated and ineffective today. 

I'm excited about this launch and I have worked hard to create a product that has high value and quality so that you will profit while providing your subscribers with a product that will genuinely help them in their online businesses.

In addition to 50% commissions, here are a few features:

  • Offer To Your List With Confidence!  This is not some method that used to work.  When I finish this JV page and publish, I'm going to go back and make more money using this exact system.  Your list is going to be thanking you for a long, long time.

  • An Entertaining, Fact-Filled, Authoritative, Confidence-Building Read!  "You CAN Make Your Living Online" is a book that can help both new and veteran marketers alike.  This is "inner circle" level information at a fraction of the cost. It's what works for me (and scores of other marketers) today...not some gimmick that worked 8 years ago, but is not relevant today.  And it delivers it all in step-by-step detail.

  • A RECURRING Income Component:  Some advanced marketers will only need the .PDF information to help their business, but some marketers want someone to help them over the technical hurdles.  Even some very experienced marketers need help with technology.  "Learn With Pat" provides the personalized attention and technical expertise at an affordable price that keeps your customers subscribing and making you money month after month.  Be sure to promote this link to your customer as well.  The continuity program is where your stability comes about in your income stream.

  • Over-Delivering For Your Valued Customers!  In addition to the core system, I have added bonus material to help marketers take their businesses to the next level once they master these skills.

  • An absolute "no brainer" at this price point.

  • An Evergreen Product That Will Be Here Next Month:  Look, we're all about providing value.  I want you to be able to add this link to your drip e-mail campaign and be confident you won't be sending your customers to a dead link in two months.  I'm a marketer too, and nothing frustrates me more than giving a glowing recommendation to a product and then sending my red hot customers to a dead link.  Your customer is frustrated and you don't make money!  I want you to be able to put this link in your drip campaign, blog post, newsletter, or paperback book with confidence that when your customer goes to the link, it will be making you money.


Great reviews, low (almost non-existent) returns, decent front end commission, and excellent conversion make this a product you can promote to your customers with confidence.

It may even be worth your while to do some pay-per-click, Facebook, or other forms of paid ads.... :-)

I  wanted to make this a WIN-WIN all the way around and I believe that I have succeeded!

What Our Own Raving Fans Are Saying!

This course has been extensively reviewed by veteran marketers and beginners alike.  
I am humbled and encouraged by what people are saying about this product.

Here are a few of the recent testimonials from Warrior Forum:

Big Concepts, Simple To Follow...

Thanks Pat!

I joined last night and became a member of the monthly gig.  I'm only one page 21 and so far I get the gist of it.
I feel I can grasp this as you haven't gone way out with all the big concepts and buzz words yet.  This seems simple to follow, thanks for that.  I look forward to working with you.  I would feel comfortable in any situation knowing I have a mentor.

Lets do this!


Tom Z

Nuggets and Ah Ha Moments!

I came to WF the other day to follow up on a couple of WSOs that had piqued my interest over the last few months. One of them was Patrick's.  I saw his name on this thread and thought it was one of his other threads renamed as WSO Posters will do from time to time. 

So opened it and saw that it was a new WSO. I read the post and was intrigued by the lessons. I decided to give it a try because of the positive vibes in his other threads.

I had a couple of questions and Patrick answered them very quickly!

I've just finished the first lesson and will move onto the homework in the next few days. I agree with one of the testimonials being that there are so many nuggets and ha ha moments that is worth the price of the WSO!

I look forward to the future lessons!

Sandie Longs
Owner, Mentor, and Entrepreneur

Top Rating From A Veteran Marketer!

I don't need a beginner's course. I've been on this forum for over a decade, and in business for considerably longer. Why did I buy it? Firstly, when another marketer is offering a high-quality product, it is more than likely that you will be able to take something from it which will pay back more than you paid for it. Secondly, the Warrior Forum has developed a poor reputation for low-quality unworkable gimmick products, scams, and vanishing sellers.

It is desperately in need of a fresh face with a different mentality to come in and shake it to its foundations. Last year, Patrick Taylor began flooding the WSO board with his own creations, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. As this is probably his flagship product, I wanted to see for myself whether it really lived up to its billing, and if it could provide a much needed guiding light to the hordes of new marketers wandering aimlessly and blindly through the harsh terrain of marketing ignorance, with their backs exposed to every scam artist and thief just waiting with knife in hand to add yet another wound.

Refreshingly, this is not a video product, and there are no "multimedia" elements to falsely "add value" while in reality making the content more difficult to access. It is a 205 page PDF, meaning that when you have finished the course and need to refer back to something, you will be able to find it quickly and easily. There is also no oversized font or excessive white space just to pad out the page count. Every page is used for what it should be used for, imparting information.

The real strength of the course is in the business model. No gimmicks here. This is exactly what you need to be doing if you want to succeed in online marketing...  If you are reading this, and you are a newbie or someone who is still confused about what business model you should be following, then you will be doing yourself a huge favour if you just buy this, work your way through it, and then put the blinkers on and just commit to this without ever relenting until you get it done.

The course is structured in the same logical way that you need to structure your business. Set up the infrastructure. Build your squeeze page. Get massive exposure quickly. Create content and sell. Scale and repeat. This is not just a technical manual, though, it delves deep into the human psyche and discovers the reasons why people behave the way they do. It is not so much an art of persuasion as one of turning up like a magic genie in the exact place where the customer would want you to be, solution in hand. You can then develop a product curriculum and make the high ticket sales which can create a sustainable living.

It is obvious that this course is written from the genuine experience of someone who has been in the trenches and fought through his own difficulties to reach success on his own terms. There is no untested or unproven theory here. Actual statistics and proof are provided at regular intervals. Aspects of running a business which are absolutely vital but often overlooked, such as time management and working out how many hours a day you need to be spending on each task in your business, are covered in exacting detail, and the result of experience is advice which is genuinely helpful. There is a lot in this course which I will be implementing in my own business very quickly, and for once I'm seriously glad I invested in a WSO.

Verdict - I have to give Mr. Taylor's course the highest recommendation that I have ever given to a product on the Warrior Forum, and I have been a member for over a decade. This doesn't just hit the nail on the head, it hits multiple nails on the head all in a row one after the other. It can take you from a position of uncertainty to one of absolute certainty as to what you need to be doing, and how you need to be doing it, and it can do so very quickly and with minimal expense. If you're serious about selling online, get this and commit to it. Seriously.

Andrew Wardle
Veteran Internet Marketer

Onward and Upward!

I have just read through the first 16 pages of Lesson 1 - The Psychology of Marketing. A very clear explanation of the Mindset of why and how customers purchase. Great stuff!

Onwards and upwards now to start making money!

Rob Seaman


Straightforward Talk.  No "Beating Around The Bush."

Hi Pat,

I was never really full fledged into internet marketing. But it's time I changed that and start doing some work.
The major reason I got intrigued and got your course is because of the straightforward way you cleared up the questions asked by the members without beating around the bush. Figured that I can't lose from learning from someone who knows what he is doing.

Looking forward to learning and implementing your steps.


Successful Offline Entrepreneur


Appreciates The Detailed, Thoughtful Replies:

Hi there Patrick.

It's really kind of you to take the time and give a detailed thoughtful reply to everyone's question in the thread; not many sellers on WF would do that. I'm inclined to think that buying your guide would be a great investment in my online business...

I appreciate you took the time to give such a comprehensive reply , Patrick, it's more than I could hope for. It seems to me that your product may be exactly what I was looking for for quite some time.

I'm in.

IM Player
Internet Marketing and Forex Trading

Get It While It's Here!

Just wanting to come back to let anyone know who is on the fence about this product. I've had my hands on it a few hours and have been dealing with internet marketing since fall of 2007 and in this program I've thoroughly gone through about 60 pages and have had to stop reading for a bit because of the multiple "Ah ha" moments that I've discovered that personally have shown me some things I've been doing wrong.

Definitely glad I made the purchase here so far and it seems to get better with every page read. I will be checking in later as I finish the course as well too but wanted to come back to report this unbiased review that I paid full price for with my own money.

When something is genuine and completely different from all the rehashed re-spun products that are strewn about nowadays this is truly a breath of ACTIONABLE fresh air that I know I'll be able to use and reference long into the foreseeable future. I say Get it while it's here! Who knows when something else of this quality will reappear.

College Student / Budding Internet Entrepreneur

Thank You For Such A Great Product!

I bought this wso a few days ago and just finished reading thru the book till the end a couple of hours ago.

I have to say that I am so pleased with this WSO that I felt its only right for me to give my honest review about it so that it may help those sitting on the fence to make a buying decision.

This WSO (Warrior Special Offer) is the real deal. If you are SERIOUS in your business or thinking of setting up a serious business that makes money for a long time and that includes online or offline, this book is a MUST for you.

I am currently running a full time health supplement business from home and have BENEFITED BY TONS of KNOWLEDGE from this single WSO.

Seriously, the advice and lessons taught by Patrick in this book will open up your mind and stimulate it to be more creative and to come up with many profitable ideas. You will have ideas running in your mind at the same time you are reading the book.

You will also understand what business really means and can use your newly found knowledge to better and expand your business to greater heights.

In this book, You will find gold nuggets all the way from page 1 to page 206. He started off with having the right mindsets to succeed, building your list, how to communicate with your list in details, what to sell and how often to sell and many many more valuable information you can use online or offline in practically any niche you are in.

Lastly, if you really are serious in becoming a successful businessman, you HAVE to buy this book. PERIOD.

Patrick is legit and thru this book you will know that he is legit because you can sense his honesty and the way he tells everything you need to know to succeed online and offline without holding up on anything.

I have bought many WSOs throughout the years of which only a few are good while many are bad.....but this particular WSO has clearly to be the BEST for me in my honest opinion.

Believe it or not, WHILE reading this book, I have acquired many new ideas to effectively increase my income and I also am getting ready to dive into a new project of MARKETING MY HEALTH SUPPLEMENT BUSINESS to greater heights.

Get this book guys...you will not get a magic formula to make millions overnight or build your list of 1,000,000 in 24 hours kind of crap. What you will get are real tips, information, and knowledge that will make you a real businessman and a very successful one in the near future.

Thank you Patrick for such a great product.


Veteran Internet Marketer

A Genuine Friend and Mentor:

"Pat is one of the first contacts I made in Internet marketing, and has proven to me, to be a genuine man of his word.  In the world of the Internet where you rarely meet anyone face-to-face, I actually fel that I have met him in person and known him for years, and time has proven out, that he is indeed genuine friend and mentor.  I have followed his advice, gotten great encouragement, and have persevered because of him and his example."

David M. Raby, Owner
Dawgy Dog

Knowledgeable, Generous, and Prompt!

"Patrick knows his subject and teaches this in easily digestible portions.  Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is extremely generous in sharing what he knows with othersl  Whenever I have had a question he has responded in a prompt and helpful manner."

Andy Graham, Business Owner & Author
"How to Cook Delicious Home Made and Wholesome French Cuisine"


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