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So…. Here’s what’s going on.

Day 1: Download eComFinder, Review training videos.

Day 2: Step-by-step set up.  

There are a LOT of minute things I needed help with and I wholeheartedly advise anyone to invest in the Mastermind Facebook group.  The product creators are constantly monitoring the FB group.  They were invaluable in helping to guide all the newbies in their set up and to keep people focused and on track.

Kudos to the creators, Mehdi Tihani, Bill Hugall, Mo Miah, and John Gibb.  I have never seen such stellar support in a product launch.  Most after product support that I have seen consists of a support portal that promises to get back to you in 24 hours or so.  These guys have been consistently monitoring the portal and keeping folks up-to-date with real time changes in application.

There were a couple of small glitches with shipping information which they were quick to correct and get the info out to all subscribers.

At one point, I was practically having a real-time FB conversation with Bill Hugall!

I could never have gotten through the setup of this system without the eComEmpire team.

In addition, Shopify support is also stellar with phone, live-chat, and e-mail support available.  They have been very responsive.

Day 3: Set up Facebook advertising.

A bit of frustration here because before eComEmpire came out with their product, Facebook changed their Ad Manager.  Facebook can’t seem to leave any system in place for more than a week.  Why can’t they just get something working and leave it alone?

Anyway, after muddling through this, these are the current stats:

Spent $17.58 (USD);

Reach of 2,142 people in my defined audience;

I have 4 orders, but carts were abandoned.

It turns out there is a problem with the shipping information.

I have to investigate this with Shopify.

The test product is $10.96 but costs me $2.36 to fulfill with $8.60 in profit per item.  If the carts were abandoned because of a technical problem and would have worked otherwise, that would have been a profit of $43.00 on just a simple test product without a lot of in depth research.

I will correct the shipping data, and report back tomorrow.

Overall, this is a REAL business, with ACTUAL PROFIT POTENTIAL!

I have been very impressed with the concept and with the integrity of the developers who stand behind their product and support you.

There are several in the Mastermind area who are showing early profits.

I have to give this product TWO THUMBS UP!  You can check it out here if you are so inclined => CLICK HERE



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