Stop Buying Stuff!

This may sound odd coming from someone who makes their living from selling affiliate products and Internet marketing information, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Stop buying things for a month.

I’m not saying stop buying things forever.  Or even to never buy something you really don’t need ever again.  (I’m certainly not saying that!)

However, if you’re reading this page, I’m fairly certain this is not the only information you get.  You probably have a half dozen Internet marketers writing to you every day and every day brings a new product, a new and secret way to drive hordes of traffic to your lonely site, a new method for making you wealthy beyond measure.

Am I right?

And over the years you’ve purchased a half dozen of these products (at least) and they’re sitting on your hard drive all dusty and full of cob webs.  Untouched.  Maybe unread.  Certainly not put into action.  Maybe because the next shiny thing came along.  Maybe because it looked like too much work.  Maybe it was too complex for you to understand at the time.  Maybe it was just a piece of junk that is never going to be of any value to anyone!

Hey, everyone who has ever tried to make it online has this stuff.

So, what I’m suggesting to you is that for one month you don’t buy anything.  DO what you already know to do to make money online.  Or take one of those dusty old courses out review it, and put it into action (if it is not a piece of useless junk…by now you know the difference).

There are many, many ways to make money on the Internet.  No one has the secret only way to make money online.  If you are creative, there are a lot of ways to earn your living using the Internet.

But let me tell you a secret.

It is a secret that has taken me a lifetime to learn.

And I’m going to share it with you for free right here…

Are you ready?

Do you have a pen and paper handy because you’re going to want to write this down and hang it on your refrigerator where you’ll see it every morning.

Okay, here is the secret:

Nothing.  Works.

There I said it.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones says it better so I’ll let him tell you his way here….

Charlie goes on to say that: Nothing “works,” it’s YOU who have to take the bull by the horns and MAKE it work!

I would venture to guess that three quarters of the stuff you have already could work if  you put in the time to make it work.

So that’s what I’m suggesting you do for a month.  Drop back and analyze what you already have.  Determine how you want to make your money.  Evaluate what brings you the greatest return.  Perhaps perform some research on a new method.

But put off buying decisions.

Let me tell you that if it is a good method this month, it will be a good method next month.  And if it isn’t…well, you probably didn’t need the program or system anyway.

Now, I’m not saying to never buy anything again.  If you’re making your living online, everything is always changing.  It is in a continuous state of flux.  There will always be new and better methods of doing business.  I’m not saying you should seal off your home office, pull out your 386DX with 4 M of RAM and your dial up modem and do everything using 1994 methods.

I’m just suggesting you take a break from buying things for a single month and do some analysis of the things you already have.

All the best,


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