Seething With Rage Against WordPress!

Okay people!

I’m in a rage today and I’ll tell you why.

This week I’m in the middle of producing my most AWESOME membership site, the one that is going to change the landscape of affiliate marketing forever, and WordPress comes out with version 4.3.1.  Then they AUTOMATICALLY update my current version.

Thanks WordPress.  Now I can’t edit my site.

Let me tell you WordPress people: If I want an update, I’ll tell you.

Don’t be messing around with my site.

This is why I used to tell the IT people to go away when they came around with “upgrades” for my computer.  An upgrade usually meant I’d be down for a week trying to undo their damage, which actually produced no benefit to me at all.


Okay.  Now I feel better.

Here is my suggestion to you.

If you have a WordPress site,

  • Go to your admin control panel;
  • Go to Settings > General
  • Go to the Auto Update Manager

Just a suggestion from a very frustrated WordPress user…

If you need to roll back to a previous version of WordPress, here is a link to a helpful Youtube video.  It’s a hassle, but pretty straightforward.

Good luck to you.



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