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The Stealth Affiliate Commissions System


Dear JV Partner,

This is Patrick Taylor and I would like to thank you for your consideration in promoting my new Stealth Affiliate Commissions System.

I don't know if you have noticed but, front end product commissions are getting smaller and smaller.  Many marketers give away 100% on the front end.

Consumers get jaded and frustrated because the front end product doesn't live up to its hype.  It doesn't do what the sales copy said it would do...at least not without buying two or three upsells which can lead to returns and hurt your reputation in the eyes of your list.

Or the product may be viable, but way too complex.

Or perhaps the method worked eight years ago, but is antiquated and ineffective today. 

I'm excited about this launch and I have worked hard to create a product that has high value and quality so that you will profit while providing your subscribers with a product that will genuinely help them to start their online businesses.

In addition to 30% commissions, here are a few features:

  • Offer To Your List With Confidence!  This is not some method that used to work.  When I finish this JV page and publish, I'm going to go back and make more money using this exact system.  Your list is going to be thanking you in the next 30 days or so.
  • An Original, Entertaining, Confidence-Building Read!  This is not some rehashed, repackaged PLR product I got in a fire sale.  Stealth Affiliate Commissions System is an original work by me spilling my guts about what is working for me today (not 8 years ago) in step-by-tedious-step detail.
  • Over-Delivering For Your Valued Customers!  In addition to the core system, I have added bonus material to help newbies take their businesses to the next level once they master these skills.
  • An absolute "no brainer" at this price point.


With approximately $60 in commissions for you, you don't have to be at the top of the leaderboard to make decent money.  

And...it may be worth your while to do some pay-per-click, Facebook, or solo ads.

I  wanted to make this a WIN-WIN all the way around and I believe that I have succeeded!

What Our Own Raving Fans Are Saying!

"Pat is one of the first contacts I made in Internet marketing, and has proven to me, to be a genuine man of his word.  In the world of the Internet where you rarely meet anyone face-to-face, I actually fel that I have met him in person and known him for years, and time has proven out, that he is indeed genuine friend and mentor.  I have followed his advice, gotten great encouragement, and have persevered because of him and his example."

~ David M. Raby, Owner
Dawgy Dog

"Patrick knows his subject and teaches this in easily digestible portions.  Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is extremely generous in sharing what he knows with othersl  Whenever I have had a question he has responded in a prompt and helpful manner."

~ Andy Graham, Business Owner & Author
"How to Cook Delicious Home Made and Wholesome French Cuisine"


When you promote our offer as an affiliate, we will do our best to reciprocate this service back to you as well if your offer is a fit for our list. 

If you've got a promotion for your own upcoming product launch, we will be happy to give you an endorsed mailing to our list, provide exposure for you on our blogs, and perhaps even do a video interview with you that you can use for your own promotions, and as a promotion on our YouTube channels.

It would be great to talk to you about your upcoming launch as soon as we get through ours!  :-)

Please understand that we have scheduling and time constraints, so the earlier you can schedule your promotions with us, the better chance there is of getting the exact slot you need to make your launch a success.

Questions?  Comments?  Inquiries?

You have questions?  We have answers!

For any questions and comments, you can write to:


When you register your name and e-mail address up top, you will also receive telephone support numbers, my personal e-mail address, and other useful contact information.

For Assistance With Links, Swipes, or To Get Review Copies,
and Anything Else We Can Provide To Help You
Be The Most Successful!

Here's To YOUR Success
Thank you for your support!


Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliates must adhere to FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

Never engage in negative marketing tactics.  Do not create non-positive reviews and scams to attract clicks.

Using the following promotional methods will result in your termination from the affiliate program and forfeiting outstanding commissions owed to you.

1.  SPAM.  We do not allow or tolerate SPAM.  Do not send SPAM to promote our product.  You will be held liable for damages and lost money if we find that you are SPAMMING!

2. Do not offer cash rebates to anyone buying through your affiliate link.

3. Use of negative words such as "scam" in your promotional campaign.

4. Do not misrepresent our product or offer.  You must adhere to any endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable in both the country where you are based as well as the country(s) from which you are sending traffic or advertising in.

5. Cookie Stuffing.  If you use this tactic, you will not receive commissions.

Patrick Taylor

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