REVIEW: “Zero To Cash In 24-Hours With eComEmpire”

eComEmpire, in a nutshell, is a system for setting up your very own Shopify ecommerce store online, populating it with money-making items, and advertising your wares on Facebook in order to turn a profit.


So, I have to say right up front that it’s not too often that I’m impressed with any product I buy online.  Usually, you see the sales copy, get sucked in, and then you get the actual product and muddle through the info.  Sometimes the information is good, sometimes it’s even stellar in spite of the delivery and packaging, and sometimes it’s just terrible.

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Well, I will tell you right now that, so far, I have been completely impressed with the whole package.  From the marketing material, to the checkout process, the product delivery, the actual material, and the over-the-top customer support!

The jury is still out on whether I will make money within 24 hours, but I can tell you that I’m really feeling it right now with these guys.  (If you want to check out the product on your own, you can review it here => CLICK HERE to review eComEmpire–it will open in a new window.)

When purchasing, I would just go ahead and get the “full monty.”  Of course, there are upsells.  That is the nature of marketing, right?  But in this case, the upsells all make sense.  They give you legitimate options so you don’t have to pay for things you may not need.

In this case, the upsells are for 1) eCom Finder which makes researching your products for sale much easier; 2) The MasterMind forum which basically gives you access to the private Facebook group.  I will tell you that I was on the fence when I originally saw the Mastermind forum.


Once I actually got in and participated I was blown away!

Just moments ago I was practically having a real-time conversation with one of the product creators Bill Hugall on the Facebook page.

Personally, when I’m just getting into something, I want to get every recommended tool and the best experience possible.  I think sometimes people are a tad bit too cautious when trying to start an online business.  They just want to dip a little toe into the water, spend as little as possible, and not get burned.

But I say, “DIVE IN!”  Get whatever the creators recommend (within reason)!  If they’re telling me how to do something step-by-step then I want ALL of the pieces of the puzzle in place.

Also, remember that you are building a REAL online BUSINESS here.  You will need a few tools and have a few expenses outside of the cost of this course.  You will need a PayPal account, a USD bank account, preferably a Shopify PRO account (you can start out with a free trial, but are advised to get at least the beginner account so you can use all of the features), a few apps to make your site more manageable and professional-looking, and you will need to be able to spring for some Facebook advertising.  These are all completely normal business expenses.  They are going to be minimal expenses that you can scale up as you begin to make money.

I had a little glitch just starting out.  They delivered the desktop software for the eCom Finder as a .AIR file which requires Adobe Air to install.  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m getting old, but I didn’t get it at first and put in a support ticket and it was answered professionally in less than ten minutes, and I hit myself in the forehead with the heel of my palm and went on my way to get it working.

I’m going through the videos right now, and they really do give you a feeling of confidence out of the gate.

They just give you the meat of what you absolutely need to get started without all the theoretical overhead you usually find with all the making-money-online systems.

Look, even I am guilty of that.  (I think all marketers worth their salt are teachers down deep who love to explain things.)

The nice thing here is that you get the LEAST amount of information you need to make intelligent decisions and get right to the money-making process.

I will say that this really seems to be the real deal for getting right to the gold.  I have been investigating Shopify for a little while now, trying to determine if I want to take the plunge, and I’m really glad that I chose THIS course/system to get my feet wet with it.  There are a lot of courses out there, but these guys really have their act together and have already blazed a trail.  I feel confident that I’ll be reporting back with good news.

Stay tuned…

If you want to see where we are in 24 hours, come back for the second part of the review.  And, again, if you want to review the product for yourself, you can check it out => HERE.

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