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Collection of Personal Data:
We request an e-mail address from individuals wishing to receive information from us.  With few exceptions for technical reasons, we use a double opt-in system to ensure no one is ever spammed and that all mail sent from is 100% opt-in by the end user.

Upon signing up for a list with double opt-in enabled, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with us.  You will NOT begin receiving e-mails until clicking on the link you received confirming that you do indeed wish to receive e-mail to your address.

We never rent, share, or trade e-mail lists with any other entity.  Your e-mail address is never provided to anyone outside of InfoProReview for any reason.

From time to time, you may receive an endorsed message from a trusted partner with an offer that I think would be of benefit and value to subscribers to my list.  Such messages will be introduced by me and will come from my e-mail account.  My list will never be accessed by anyone outside me or my own administrative staff for advertising purposes.

The technology in use may collect data such as tracking cookies (which helps in my own data analysis, and also may allow you to use some of the premium features of the site as they are incorporated, such as membership portals), credit card information, name, and address data, among other identification data.  We do not share any personal data with other parties, except in the case where necessary to fulfill an order request (i.e. PayPal for order fulfillment, etc…).

We take your privacy very seriously and do not share except in the rare exceptions when required by law enforcement, or in the very rare and unlikely circumstance when we must investigate or prosecute for fraud or copyright infringement.

The nature of this website, and the Internet in general, allows for hyperlinks to offers, information, and businesses not associated with and the author.  Clicking on these links is at your own discretion and risk.  While we do our best to recommend only the highest quality websites, we cannot be liable for the content, conduct, and policies of websites outside of our control.  With that consideration in mind, you should review other sites’ privacy policies and disclaimers separately from ours.

It is not our intention to offer products or services to minors and we do not promote our products to anyone under the age of 18 (the age of majority in the United States).  Therefore, we do not knowingly collect personal information and hereby serve notice that children under the age of 18 years of age are prohibited from using our website and/or accessing our services.

Please use the contact form to connect with us for any additional information.

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