Who Else Wants A Stress-Free, Simple Way To Publish An Article, Sales Letter, Magazine, E-mail Campaign--Even A Full-Length Hardcover Book?

You don't have to be a talented writer or publishing executive to get expert results.

Pat on the St. John's River

Imagine for a moment...

Imagine the feeling of holding your own book in your hands!

Getting your message of hope out to the world!  Helping people through your inspiring words, wisdom, and wit.

Marketing your product or service to the masses.  Building your business, serving your clients, increasing your customer engagement.

Or giving the special gift of a hardbound heirloom biography of a loved one.

You have a unique perspective.  

You have a story to tell.  

The words are inside of you, passionately stirring your soul, yearning to come forth!

How impressed will your friends, family, and colleagues be when they see your hardcover novel or trade publication on Amazon?

Perhaps after a lecture or seminar you offer your book on the topic to your audience as a take away.

Or maybe you want to create an e-book and online sales page (sort of like this) to capture leads for your product or service to increase sales.

A book can be a keepsake that's handed down as a legacy throughout the generations.  

Or it can be a landmark in your career that distinguishes you as an authority in your field of expertise.

Words can be a powerful medium to advertise, memorialize, or instruct.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a gift for writing.  I know people with Master's degrees, even Doctorates, who can't spell or put a coherent sentence together.  They are brilliant people in their discipline, but they're terrible communicators.

But even if you're not a gifted writer, it doesn't mean you don't have a story that must be told!

The good news is that we can help you get your words together and put them in a professional format.

The even better news is that digital processes have dramatically decreased the costs of production. Self-publishing was previously out of reach for most people, but today it's possible to make your hardcover or paperback book available for sale on Amazon for just a few hundred dollars!.

In addition, the Internet has opened up your options for disseminating your message.  Instead of costly mailing

So even if you can't get a major publisher to give you a million dollar advance and movie rights, self-publishing is within the realm of possibility.

We'll Hold Your Hand Through The Entire Ordeal:

  • Your notes on a napkin..., or in a journal, or recorded on disk, or even in your head (no we can't read your mind, but we can interview you and unlock those treasured memories).  Our team will get your ideas from whatever form they're in now into a written, finished form ready for use as a feature article, editorial, sales letter, biography, technical report, full-fledged magazine, weekly newsletter, whatever you need. 
  • We'll coordinate the output.  Do you need digital or hardcopy?  Web content?  A squeeze page?  A monthly newsletter? An e-mail campaign?  T-shirts?  A banner?  500 brochures?  A hardcover book for your sales table?  A novel (we can't guarantee it'll be a best-seller, but we can promise it'll look like one)!  Want us to get your manuscript in front of major publishers?  We can consult, advise, make phone calls, and write letters.  Did you not see your desired output in this list? Give us a call and let's talk.  Bottom line: We take your vision and give it legs!
  • And take care of the tech!  Do you need an HTML squeeze page uploaded onto your host?  "What's a host?" you ask. Yep, we'll take care of that too.  Do you want your series of e-mails set up in an autoresponder series?  Got you covered. Split testing?  Done.  We're not just a group of writers, we're skilled marketers who know our way around the back side of the Internet.
  • The finished product is yours!  You own the copyright to all works created by us (unless otherwise stated in the contract).  We're just ghostwriters.  So, the biography presented to your spouse is uniquely from you.  Your professional manual or research book is exclusively yours.  (You don't have to tell anyone you didn't write a single word.  We won't tell if you don't...)

Patrick Taylor..

is an experienced writer and publisher. He knows the business from both the creative side and production side and has the unique ability to take your ideas, craft them into a finished work, and then publish them in the format of your choosing.

He has written for magazines and newspapers, published technical "how to" books, served as the managing editor of "Acts Today" magazine, performed as a ghostwriter, and continues to write advertising copy, biographies, and feature articles. In his spare time, he putters around his many blogs.

Trained early as a lithographer back in the days when they actually used paste when doing "paste ups," Patrick learned the printing trade and worked as an industrial printer with Avery-Dennison.

He studied journalism at the University of Rhode Island before setting off on a bicycle journey across the United States from Rhode Island to California.

Even though he's somewhat of a dinosaur, Patrick has learned the technical side of publishing in the digital age. He has studied under some of the legends of the Internet marketing niche, including the now retired Alex Jeffreys.

Patrick loves to teach Internet marketing concepts and technology (which he does through his "Learn With Pat" membership site).

He has a love for the written word, and loves the look his clients get in their eyes when they hold the book they have published in their hands....or the way a loved one lights up when presented with a volume as a gift.

"It's incredible. Simply incredible."

Simply fill out the quick form and schedule a time to discuss your project.  No obligation.  Don't be afraid. :-)

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