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Instaniche by Mo Miah is a system that promises to help you become a successful Amazon affiliate in minutes, in just 5 simple steps.

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From what I have seen in the previews, it actually looks like a good product.  Instaniche will help you to select the most popular niches.  Then, once you pick your niche and your keyword, Instaniche will optimize the entire site with your LSI keywords.  Finally, Instaniche adds content to your site.  The content was written by Mo and his team and from what I understand is embedded in the software.

Then, with just a few clicks, your store is populated with the most popular products.

According to Mo and team, once you have accomplished this, your site is ranked at the top of Google and you’re off to the races making money.

Of course, since the product is just launching today, we don’t have any real way to test this out just yet and there is no historical data to draw from.

My first question would be if the canned text is going to be a long-term issue.  I mean, if all of the same people are using the same, or similar with slight variations, are they going to be penalized by Google.  Google is pretty smart and is trained to look for that sort of thing, isn’t it?

But here’s my real question: Why is Mo sharing this method with me?  If this is something that has been working for him, isn’t flooding the market with a system that can grab all of the top niches and market the best, highest converting products going to cut into his business?  Why is he providing me with this tool to compete with him?   It baffles me.

In any case, push button simple systems like this scare me.

Well, they don’t scare me like, say being alone in a big squeaky house while watching scary movies in a thunderstorm.   Maybe a better term is “concern.”

I’m concerned that I’m just getting a cookie cutter system and I won’t really understand any more about making money online after buying into this system than I did before buying this system.

Will the buyers of Instaniche understand how to drive traffic, how to do keyword research, how to develop a product, or what makes a product a good seller?

It might be a good tool for someone who knows what they’re doing already, but for someone who has no clue (whom I believe is the target markeet), this system will not move them any closer to their goal.  I don’t think they’ll have any more of a system after buying Instaniche than they did before buying it.

Will this work for you?

There are new products coming out every day promising to make you wealthy beyond imagination. They are around for a few days or weeks after they launch, then, POOF, they’re gone and the product creators are off to their next product. Sometimes, the product is only available for just a few days or weeks, creating a false sense of scarcity to create a lot of urgency in the marketplace.

Will Instaniche stand the test of time?  Will they be around next week or next month?  That is anyone’s guess.  I see a lot of products come and go.  But there is some training that stands up to the test of time and my #1 recommendation is just that product.

You can check it out here:

CLICK HERE for my #1 Recommendation.

See my video review on YouTube here…

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