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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

From The Desk of Patrick Taylor: 

The fact that you're even reading this should tell you that I know a little bit about marketing.  I mean, there are literally around a billion websites out there and somehow we are connected.

For the record, it is not an accident.

You got here because I used marketing strategies to get you here.  Not in a bad way or for some nefarious purpose, but because I want to help you use the same strategies to get your message to people who otherwise might never step inside your church building.

We know that church attendance is down.  Way down.  In fact, it's dismal.

Churches are cutting staff, many pastors have to take jobs to make ends meet, and you need to learn to do more with less resources.

I want to help you leverage your time and resources using a very specific skill set and method to:

  • Propel the gospel message to people outside your congregation;
  • Develop a relationship with those outside your congregation to guide them into a relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Bring those who are seeking answers into your fold to nurture, teach, and encourage them, and provide fellowship and worship experiences

The chances are good that your organization has a website.

Unfortunately, the chances are also very good that your web site is a very ineffective tool for ministry.

My personal observation as a professional Internet marketer is that the church is lagging far behind the business world in effectively using this revolutionary tool.

More than likely, your website is managed by someone who is a good writer, who has above average technical skills, and who is simply available.

This is not to denigrate your webmaster's heart for ministry.  I believe everyone in ministry is in it as a labor of love. People simply don't know what they don't know.

Let's face it, not many people are in a position to quit their day jobs and immerse themselves in the study of Internet marketing.

It is my goal to help you develop the skills necessary to:

  • Become an evangelism powerhouse, bringing the gospel message to the unchurched;
  • Build more intimate engagement between you and your congregation;
  • Use the same "industrial strength" Internet marketing tools that multi-million dollar businesses use to build their brands--without impacting your church's budget;
  • Leverage your resources to accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

As my gift to you, I have created a course specifically designed for church leaders and webmasters to help you learn the skills necessary to take advantage of the astounding tool we have at our disposal for preaching the gospel.  

I invite you to sign up in the subscription box at the top of this page to begin receiving step-by-step instruction, guides, check lists, and information to help you develop a systematic, cohesive strategy for building your congregation, spreading the gospel message, and creating more engagement with your existing members.

Let's work together to spread the gospel message.

All the best,


Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor is a marketing consultant and list-building coach for real estate professionals and budding Internet entrepreneurs.  He is the CEO of OuiConnectOnline which provides a la cart technical and social media services to businesses. His "Technology Boot Camp" seminars have provided a running start to the technically challenged who want to learn how to effectively and quickly build a sales funnel from start to finish.

He is a prolific author and has written several marketing books including "Zero To Traffic In 48 Hours," as well as a self-help book for those needing employment quickly titled "Get A Great Job Fast."

You can catch him writing for his blog at

Pat has been in Christian ministry for over 30 years and has a heart for teaching church leaders to apply the same effective strategies used in business to spread the gospel message, build their congregations, and engage with their congregations.



Here are just a few comments from some of those who have worked with Pat...

"Pat is one of the first contacts I made in Internet marketing, and has proven to me, to be a genuine man of his word.

In the world of the Internet, where you rarely meet anyone face to face, I actually feel that I have met him in person and known him for years, and time has proven out, that he is indeed a genuine friend and mentor.

I have followed his advice, gotten great encouragement and have persevered because of him and his example."

David M. Raby, Owner

Dawgy Dog

"Patrick knows his subject and teaches this in easily digestible portions, Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is extremely generous in sharing what he knows with others. Whenever I have had a question he has responded in a prompt and helpful manner"

Andy Graham, Business Owner & Author
"How To Cook Delicious Home Made and Wholesome French Cuisine"

Daniel P. Lantis, Business Owner & Travel Consultant
The Travangelist

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