Google Sniper – An Honest Review

Okay, so I should declare up front that I am mad at George Brown.  I purchased the original Google Sniper with the understanding that I would have lifetime access to the user portal.

Of course, when you’re just starting out juggling jobs, school, family, and other responsibilities it’s easy to get sidetracked.  So, I didn’t do a lot after setting up my first couple of sniper sites.

Then, when I decided to buckle down and really get back into it, I realized I could no longer access the user area because it had been changed with an updated version of Google Sniper.

My repeated tickets to customer service went unanswered as George Brown was off surfing in Indonesia or something, enjoying the riches I helped to contribute to his jet-setting lifestyle.

However, all that aside, I’ll still give you a fair review, George, even though I think that your customer service is lacking and that you led me to believe I would be able to access the user area forever.

So, what is Google Sniper?

In a nutshell, it’s a system that teaches you how to become a profitable affiliate marketer by selecting a profitable niche, finding a specific product that is selling well (with good affiliate commission), building a website in a very SEO friendly manner, and getting to the top of Google’s organic search results.

You can click to see the sales page here for more details…

Of course, now you want to know, Does it actually WORK!

First, I will say, “YES!” it does work.

Yes, you can get free organic traffic from Google.

Yes, you can use many free tools such as WordPress to build your sites.


Yes, there is a “However.”

The however is that while it does make money, it’s not as easy or painless as George makes it out in the sales video, and if you’re starting from scratch you’ll need a small budget to get started for things like a hosting service, domain names, and probably an autoresponder service.  Once you understand the concepts, you’ll also want to invest in a good keyword research tool to make the manual research easier.

I’d suggest you budget $200 to $400 to really get off the ground running.

And the reality is it’s a little more technical than being able to just use Google and send e-mail.

It is not out of the realm of possibility.  If you can read this review, I’m confident that you can get it done.  But let me warn you: I worked as a network operator in Tier 1 Technical Support and it took me about two weeks to set up my first Sniper site.  It is a very painstaking process.  It’s tedious.  There are some technical concepts you have to grasp.  You have to perform some analysis, and to be able to analyze you need to understand the data.  That is not going to come in two minutes.

And let’s take into consideration that if you’re waiting for organic traffic, you don’t have control of how or when Google is going to grace you with a page 1 ranking, and let’s face it, if you’re past page 3 of organic traffic, you’re invisible.

You also don’t know what Google’s algorithm is going to be next week.  Everything might be good in the hood today, but when the next update to the Google algorithm comes out will your business be decimated?  Plenty of Internet marketers were when the “Penguin” update came out.

Some folks found they were out of business overnight!  (See my article about SEO here…)

But I will say that Google Sniper brought results for me.

I must admit here that after a month of painstaking work, tracking, watching for when my site was indexed, adding my affiliate links at the appropriate time I sort of got distracted.  For months I didn’t even look at my Clickbank account.

I was working, taking accounting classes in a local college, and busy with life.  You know how it is.

But one day I checked into Clickbank and was astounded!  There were $98 in sales from my little experiment with Google Sniper!

I am in the process of retooling and setting up again to take advantage of the Google Sniper system.  Even though George locked me out of the user portal, I still have my Google Sniper book which I printed out!  (By the way, I suggest you print a physical copy of any course you purchase from the Internet.)

Google Sniper by George Brown

Pat with Google Sniper manual (all 100 pages)







However, in addition to George’s system, I’m adding my own twist to it.  Sure, I’ll take advantage of all the free traffic I can get, but I have learned that you need to watch and learn from what the gurus DO, not just from the material they put out.

If you decide that you want to give Google Sniper a shot, then order Google Sniper through my link and drop me a line through the contact page with the order number from your receipt and I’ll send you my free gift that shows you what I’m doing to make George Brown’s system work even better for me.

Here’s that link again for your convenience…

Wishing you all the best,



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