GetResponse Not Working With Instabuilder 2.0?

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Have you been frustrated with GetResponse recently because it gave you an error and would not send your subscribers to the proper “Thank You” page after they signed up for your drip campaign through your Instabuilder page?

I discovered a bug in GetResponse recently and after two days of rage, and dozens of messages to GetResponse I was able to figure it out on my own…no thanks to the engineers at GetResponse.

Like a lot of marketers who use such 3rd party page builders (OptimizePress, LeadPages, InstaBuilder, Instapages, WP Profit Builder, etc…), I use one because of the ready-made, simple to implement, good-looking templates.  GetResponse’s landing pages are not mobile responsive, look terrible, and are not effective for marketing.

I use Instabuilder 2.0, myself and have been happy with it.

But recently when I went to set up a page with Instabuilder, using an existing (about 1 year old) campaign, I could not get it to go to the correct “Thank You” page no matter what I did.

I examined the form HTML and compared it with a successful project.  I compared all of the settings between the new and previously successful project.  I tried tinkering with the limited HTML to no avail.


At the end of the day, the only thing that worked was using a newer drip campaign.

GetResponse has been making a lot of changes to their form builder in the past few months and it is simply not compatible with older campaigns.

If you’re dependent upon the legacy HTML form designer to work with your third party page building software, BEWARE: If you are trying to get an old campaign to work with this new GetResponse form designer, you may have to scrap your old campaign.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Create a NEW campaign with the appropriate settings in GetResponse;
  2. Copy your contacts by going to “Contacts > Search Contacts > View All Contacts,” then in the upper left, change the campaign to the ‘source’ campaign of the subscribers you wish to move from.  At the bottom, click the “Search” button, the the “Actions” drop down below.  Choose “Move to Campaign” and select the destination campaign you wish to move them to, and whether or not you want to add them to the cycle.  (If they have already received previous messages from the cycle, the answer would be “No.”)
  3. E-mails from your previous campaign can be transferred to the new campaign by using the preload function under “Messages > Preload.”

Using this technique, you can create a new campaign that will integrate properly with your third party services (specifically Instabuilder 2.0) and route new subscribers to your “Thank You” page without error.

Good luck!

I hope this helps someone.


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