Don’t Be A Turnip!

Some people have the attention span of a turnip.

Don’t be a turnip.

If you are going to make any money online, let alone quit your job and earn a living, you need to pick a system, pick a mentor, and laser focus on whatever it is you choose to do.

When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get attracted to every shiny new object.  You have nothing to compare to, no experience, no knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  You can’t separate the scammers from the ethical marketers who truly have valuable information for you.

Here at, I review sites and give you the real deal on them.  I believe I have put together a list of winning products that you can learn and profit from.  However, there is a BIG caveat here:

You need to take action.

It doesn’t matter how many products you buy, how much you read, how many presentation videos you watch.  All that activity does not make you any money.

You must put the plan into motion.  That may mean buying a product or service.  That may mean writing something, installing something, communicating with someone, organizing or coordinating, making a phone call, doing an interview, recording a video, writing advertising copy.


Tony Robbins talks about “taking massive action” in your endeavor.

Once you decide on a course of action, don’t dabble.  Don’t piddle around at the edges.


What does MASSIVE ACTION mean to you?

To me, it means taking the information you have and applying it with everything you’ve got–like your life depends on it!  And really it does!  Your financial life.  Your dreams and goals.  Your vision.

Do you want to put in the best hours of your life at a job that barely pays your bills and is making it possible for someone else to achieve their dreams?  Or do you want to put your energy into something that is going to provide a great living for you and your family and help you to achieve success (whatever success is to you).

Browse this site.  I have tried to take the risk out of selecting a method so you get the best information at a great value, and once you have decided, put your back into it!

There are many paths to success.  You need to find a system that fits your goals and personality.  Then you need to put your head down and WORK it like a madman.  You will no doubt make mistakes, you will tweak the system to make it your own.  You will add your knowledge to it.  You will work it until it starts working for you!

You might fail!

It might be because you didn’t apply the information correctly.  It might be that you didn’t take enough action.  It just might be that a strategy stops working.  There are a dozen things that can happen that can cause you to fail through a combination of your actions, the actions of others, and simply change in the Internet landscape.

That’s okay.  As long as you don’t let failure be a permanent state.

This is a secret to success: Keep trying!

Most people give up after a couple of failures.  But if you want to make it at this, you need to keep at it until you receive your first check.  Then you need to build up that check.  You have to make up your mind that you are going to make it.  You have to determine that you are going to crack the code.

If you are committed to your own success, drop me a quick note in the “Contact Me” tab and tell me about one failure and one success story.

It will help you cement your resolve.

And, remember…


All the best,


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