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It’s called “creating urgency.”

The goal is to give your prospect a reason to act immediately.

Usually it involves invoking the fear of loss.

  • “If you don’t act this second, the deal will be gone forever!”
  • “There are only 3 seats left…”
  • “Get in before the market is saturated!”

I get dozens of such offers every day in my e-mail box.  Sometimes I actually pick one out just to review.

Would you like to know if they are good products?

Some of them are, but mostly it’s just hype.

The fact is: If it’s a good product it’s going to be around tomorrow and the day after, and the month after, and the year after.

And that’s because really good information products stand the test of time.  They don’t need anyone to hype them.  In ten years people will still be doing Google searches looking for where they can get an old copy in some defunct format.

An Internet marketer will exact as much from you as the market will bear, but no more.  If a product is worth $197, then that is what they will ask.  If it’s going for $27 today…unless it’s really, really good, it won’t be going up to $500 tomorrow unless they simply want to go out of business.

I see car commercials on television sometimes and I have to laugh.  They are having an end of year sale, or a President’s Day sale, or a Labor Day sale.  “Hurry!  Time is running out!  These prices won’t last long…”

Right the prices won’t last long…just until the next sale in 12 days.

Hype like that actually has a negative impact on me.  When someone is trying to get me to purchase this second before something catastrophic happens, I usually close my wallet tighter than I would without all the hype.

Think about it.  Do you want 1.0 software?  Or a car that has been completely redesigned from the ground up?


1.0 software is notorious for having bugs.  New car designs are always fraught with problems and recalls.

It’s much better to get a tried and true product known to deliver than an untested, uninitiated product that has not stood the test of time.

I’m not saying it’s never a good idea to move quickly and beat the pack in buying a product, but generally it’s the tried and true information that’s going to help you build for the long-term more than a flash in the pan product that’s telling you their price will be going up to 1,000 times it’s original price tomorrow.


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