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If you're waiting on seach engines to magically rank your site you'll die lonely and broke 

Learn how the gurus drive traffic to their own websites quickly and easily.  Then put that knowledge to work for you to build your own powerful list to propel you to success.

Friday, August 19th, 2016

From the desk of Patrick Taylor:

The #1 difficulty I hear from beginning entrepreneurs is that of getting enough quality, targeted traffic to their website or offer.

Let's face it, it's easy to build a website.  You can go from nothing to a dazzling, flash-enhanced, e-commerce enabled website in less than an hour.

But you're competing for attention from around a BILLION other websites.

One of the problems with depending on being ranked by the search engines is that it takes very specialized knowledge, and it can take time to get to the top spots.  Add to this the fact that the rules are constantly changing, so you can be the king of the mountain one day and out of business overnight when the next algorithm update happens.

The number one reason businesses fail is...

Lack of customers.

Your success doesn't depend upon capitalization, a better system, your payment system, slick graphics, or the "cool factor" of your website.  (If that were the case, Craigslist would be out of business.)

There are lots of good ideas that never take off, and mediocre or even downright bad ideas that take off like wildfire.

And it all hinges on TRAFFIC.

Armed with the information in this book, you could begin driving traffic to your lonely website today, and prepare for a steady stream of prospects with credit cards in their hands ready to purchase from you.  All with minimal effort on your part.



Zero to Traffic in 48 Hours shows you how to drive massive traffic to your site beginning in 48 hours (or less) after you begin implementing the strategies.  

This is a systematic, step-by-step system you can implement as soon as you download the book!

It is delivered in .PDF format crammed with over 50 pages of meat.  (I have chosen a written manual format as it is much easier to use as a reference manual, as opposed to video or audio that is more difficult to scan and annotate.)

No prior experience necessary!!!  But that doesn't mean it's not powerful...  Reviewed and tested by current Internet marketers and newbies alike.

The methods work in any niche, by any level of marketer, online or offline.  For pure play Internet marketers or brick and mortar establishments.  Whatever your level, you are certain to benefit.

In just a few moments, you will have everything you need to begin driving targeted traffic, people who are looking for the product you're promoting!

Let's review everything that you're about to get...

You Will Have Unlocked The Secret.

You will start thinking about past promotions that you can take off the shelf and start promoting again...but this time you'll actually make money by promoting them!

You'll start thinking about new projects: physical products, information products, and services that you can promote and drive traffic to again and again and again.

Imagine how you'll feel when you get up in the morning, check your sales stats, and find that while you were sleeping you made $50, $100, $200, or even $1,000!  (While I can't predict how you will do since there are so many variables out of my control and I don't know how you will apply these principles, I CAN predict your 100% failure to accomplish anything by doing absolutely nothing.)

Of course, it's easy to tell you how great the e-book is.  I wrote it!  So, let's hear from a few others who have read this book and implemented the strategies into their business... 

Once you learn how to drive traffic to your offers, your life is never going to be the same.  You'll be able to pull your dreams off the shelf and breathe new hope into the possibilities ahead!

You don't need to sit around scratching your head trying to figure out what to do anymore.  I have compiled all of the tried and true methods I could into an easy-to-read, detailed, step-by-step (and even entertaining) guide.  All you need to do is put it into action.

And you can begin as soon as today!

Before you turn the light off and pull the covers over your head, you could begin generating traffic to your website or squeeze page.

In my business dealings, I only want 100% happy customers.  No, I take that back.  I DON'T want happy customers.  I only want 100% RAVING FANS!

I will not be happy unless you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  My goal is not to just sell you a product and run away.  I want to develop long-term relationships with my customers. 

Because I'm so confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this content, the effectiveness of the methods, and the positive results to your business, I can offer you this 100% guarantee:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase in the next 30 days, you may request a full refund of your purchase price, no hassle, no problems.

Look, I'm taking all the risk so you don't have to take it.  I know what it's like to scour for answers online.  I've literally spent over $10,000 to attain the information that I'm offering you for less than your weekly budget for coffee!

You could pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for the techniques contained in this e-book.

You can pay hundreds for less complete information.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.  I have taken all of the risk out of the transaction. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you on the other side and helping you to build the business of your dreams.

All the best,

P.S. Don't delay.  This offer will not remain at this price for long and I don't want you to miss out.

P.P.S. There really is no reason not to take action today.  Unless you have all of the traffic that you will ever want and plan to close your business after these orders are fulfilled, you owe it to yourself and to those who depend on you to check out this book.

P.P.P.S.  Remember, I have removed every bit of risk to you.  In fact, I want to make a bold statement here: If the information in this book does not increase your traffic beyond even your own expectations after you sincerely apply the strategies I don't want your money.  I don't want 100% satisfied customers.  I only want raving fans, and I'm completely confident that you will be a raving fan when you put the strategies in this book into action for yourself.

In fact, when you apply this information and send me your raving fan testimonial (sent to my personal e-mail address which you'll receive in the book), I want to send you an additional gift.

See you on the other side!

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