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If you’re at this site, chances are it’s because you want to earn money online.

Maybe you want to supplement your income, or perhaps you want to make your full-time living online.  Either way, there is a lot of noise.  There are so many programs all promising you wealth for almost no work.  You want to believe them.  Maybe you are desperate.

A lot of people waste money hopping from one program to the next in search of the elusive prize of instant wealth.  Let me be honest with you: There is no push-button wealth-generating magic program.


It is possible to earn your living online.  Many people do, and some have become wildly successful.  But just like any business endeavor, there is specialized knowledge and technical skills to master if you really want to be successful.

You can spend $27 to $197 (or even more) to get some guru’s information product of how to be successful online.  You get the package and you’re that much poorer, and you don’t see any results.

I’ve been there.  Everyone who wants to make money online has been there.

So, I’m going to offer something that is completely outrageous and different.  I’m going to make you an offer you cannot afford to refuse.  In fact, there is no reason to even consider refusing it because there is absolutely no risk to you.

Think about this.  When you go to a fine dine-in restaurant, they don’t bring you the bill before dinner is served.  Right?  You are greeted at the door.  The waiter may pull out your chair for you.  They bring you the menu.  You order drinks, appetizers, your entree, etc…  Maybe you get an after dinner coffee or dessert.  Your waiter checks on you and asks if there is anything more he can bring you.  And once you are completely done and satisfied, he brings you the check.

Well, we are going to apply that concept to this website.

No more cheap fast food for you.  Come in, sit down, and enjoy the experience.

I’m not going to bring you the bill before dinner.  First, you’re going to experience the cuisine.  Enjoy the ambiance.  Interact, converse, contemplate.

How many of those gurus are willing to let you experience their product before you hand over your money?  Is that because they themselves are not confident that their systems actually work?  Do they spend a lot of money on fancy web page designs and persuasive ad copy, but leave you with sub par information?

Let’s face it: You need a win.

You need to prove to yourself that it is possible to make money online.  Not only do you need to know that it can be done, but that it can be done by you.  Maybe you’ve already spent money on programs that didn’t make you a dime.  You’re apprehensive about taking another gamble.

So, I’m going to take the risk out of the equation.  That’s how confident that what I’m going to tell you works. 

So here’s my offer to you:

1) Sign up for the newsletter (be sure to confirm your subscription in the e-mail address you provide);

2) After confirmation, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail with .PDF attached.  That is “dinner.”

3) Follow the directions in the book.  There is work to do.  The process will not work by osmosis.  You must put the principles and instructions into action.  You can’t just look at the words on the page and have them magically work for you.

4) I’ll be by to check on you periodically (like a good proprietor or waiter).

5) After your 24 hours, I’ll be back to make a final inquiry and bring you the bill.

6) You only pay if you are satisfied with what I have brought you.

7) Not only will you pay for your meal, but I have prepared a special “to go” item for you that is worth at least ten times the price of dinner.  So, at check out not only are you going to pay for the meal you consumed, but I’m going to give you another special bonus.  You are in my establishment.  No one walks out without a present!

I’m not just going to deliver, I’m going to over-deliver for you.  Because in a restaurant, that’s how it works, right?  You pay for good service.  You dine, you enjoy, you savor the flavors.  Then the proprietor comes by to make sure everything is running right.  He jokes with you.  He tells you about his family.  He tells you a story. Before you leave, he runs up to you with a box–a favorite dessert, perhaps.  Or a sample of a special dish he wants you to try.

Now, dinner at this establishment is not free.  I’m not offering you a freebie.    It’s $39 to experience this fare.  That’s the cost of dinner here…just so there are no surprises later.  You’ve probably paid more than that for junk food in the past.  But rest assured, I’m not going to bring the check until I have given you a 5-star meal.  You do not need any credit card to sign up or anything like that.  What you see in that top right box is all there is for now.

Enjoy it.  Use it.  Test it out.  When I bring the check, I want you to feel confident.

Some people have said to me, “You’ll never make any money doing it this way.  People will just take your book, use the information, and not pay for it later.”

But actually, just the opposite is true.  Look, do you go into restaurants, eat, and run out the back without paying?  Of course you don’t!  Can it happen?  Sure, every restaurant owner has a story, but they are few and far between.  Most people are honest and pay their tabs.  And if you feel that the meal I serve you is not worth every penny I’m asking, then I don’t want you to pay!!!

I promise you, by the time I bring the bill you’ll feel that you’re stealing from me.  You’ll be thinking, “You’re too generous.  I cannot take any more from you.  I must pay you.”

And I will reply, “No, no. please Signore!  The pleasure is mine.  Please, enjoy.  Take it home to your mama!”

Fair enough?

Okay, let’s start the journey!

Sign up for the newsletter right now.  (And don’t forget to check the e-mail account you provide–you must confirm your subscription first.  That’s where the book and subsequent e-mails are going to be delivered.  Check your spam folder if you don’t see the confirmation message right away and be sure to white list me!)

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